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AQURUN Amazing Superb Quality Ultra Light Stylish Water Shoe

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Type: Water Shoes
SKU: 679378011-B06XC7C4RF
  • spandex
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: LADIES Medium Sizes: 6 B, 7 B, 8 B. MENS Medium Sizes: 8 D, 9 D, 10 D.
  • NEW! Stylish Ultra-lightweight footwear for water activities, exercise, beach roaming yoga, etc.
  • Non-slip and quick-dry, Ergonomic, flexible, versatile, superb grip.
  • Ideal for all water sports and activities, swimming, surf, scuba diving, snorkeling, yoga sailing and more.
  • The spandex texture has good drainage and is well ventilated. Protects your feet from the gritty sand and prickly stones and corals.

AQURUN, A Brand New and High Quality Aqua Shoe. Free from Harmful endocrine-disrupting BPA, Eco-Friendly and harmless to the human body. Designed from Ultra Light Material, the AQURUN Water Shoe Weights 110-120g. The AQURUN Water Shoe is Less Slippery during exercise and sporting activities. The Spandex Texture Provides Good Drainage and Is Well Ventilated, it Dries Fast and has no chemical Glue Contained. Wearing an AQURUN Water Shoe feels is like Walking Without shoes at all. Not to mention how styling it looks! Experience wearing AQURUN Aqua Shoes. With a water drainage system in TPR outsole, sand and water are not collected inside the shoe. The shoe skin is made of Spandex, a lightweight fiber. The stretchable spandex protects the skin of the feet. Goes well with a variety of sports: Swimming, Kayaking, Yachting, Surfing, Fishing, Scuba, Yoga etc. PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT: LADIES Medium Sizes: 6 B, 7 B, 8 B. MENS Medium Sizes: 8 D, 9 D, 10 D.

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